Welcome to Cursed Fairytale!

Understand me.

I’m not like an ordinary world,

I have my madness,

I live in another dimension

and I do not have time for things

that have no soul.



Be an open book with lot’s of metaphor inside.

Dipali Negi

In this you are gonna read about the fairytales. I will be focusing on the either side of the story that is related to evil characters.

According to me, it’s not the good characters that are relevant to our life’s. It was never the main characters that would connect to our situation.

Can you find a prince on a white horse? Nah! First of all, horses are only for marriages and the other thing that in this whole universe you won’t be able to find a honest person.

Remember, There is no selfless deed in this selfish world!

Please, send me your favorite fairytale and character.